OION believes it’s really necessary to optimize productive processes. Due to the amount generated information by existing companies, our target we work with the aim that our customers through outsourcing these services, can enjoy the advantages of optimized workflows and adapted to the needs of the market today . Our services address the complete lifecycle of all types of documents.

The main advantages of these processes are the productivity and cost reduction allowing quick access, streamlining search and retrieval of information, ensuring their safety and conservation, enabling better structuring of data and documents; and turning your business in a responsible and respectful company with the environment.

Collection, classification, review, archive and digitization

Data recording, confirmation and verification

Scanning and indexing sections or documentary series

File organization

Gestión documental
Gestión documental

Invoice Processing: Accounting, Supliers & Customer Management

Accounting and Expenses Notes Management

Contacts Management

Claims Processing

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